Monday, September 29, 2008

Medevac Crash/The Inverted Pyramid

According to the text, "All the News," the inverted pyramid is defined as the dominant format for text stories, offers a good starting place for creating text stories that will attract readers. There are three components to the pyramid:
1. Convey important information
2. Add interesting colorful details
3. End with remaining facts
The story I've selected illustrates a fatal medevac crash that killed 4 people on saturday. This story was written using the inverted pyramid technique because it has a summary lead introducing the vital information first before getting in depth. This gives the reader the general idea of the article with just enough information that doesn't lose the reader's attention. As the article continues to develop, it reveals more information that brings the story together providing intricate details to questions such as the 5w's and how. In this article, it describes the type of weather, the victims on board and the cause believed to be the reason the medevac went down with vivid detail. Finally, the remaining facts of the story include additional bits of information such as the traveling speed, altitude and the exact time radar was lost before impact.
For more information about this story and more you can find it here:,0,190768.story

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