Monday, September 22, 2008

Baltimore's Best Kept Secret(What your elected officials don't want you to know)

For my first news story, I plan to cover a neighborhood meeting at Edmondson-Westside High School concerning the addition of the REDLINE system. This new mode of transportation is a convient commodity for day to day commuters, but an inconvience to homeowners who live in the Edmondson community. The construction of the new system aims to remove hundreds of residents from their homes and force them to relocate by order of the city. The concept of the REDLINE has been proposed years in advance, but as time for construction draws near the community is taking action. The meeting is organized by: The Coalition Against Redline

I have obtained a flyer for the event and plan to attend.

Redline Meeting
Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
Place: Edmondson-Westside High School
Time: 6pm-8pm

In covering the story, my main sources will be the leader of the Coalition Against Redline, a resident who is affected by the Redline and a representive from the city. I believe these individuals can shead some light on the issue and bring perspective in generating the story. I plan to ask a series of separate questions to each individual.

Leader of Coalition Against Redline:
1.) Who is responsible for the Redline system?
2.) What are your concerns for the community at large?
3.) Where and when did you obtain your information and when is construction set to take place?
4.) Why did you decide to organize this movement?

1.) How long have you been a resident of the Edmondson community?
2.) How do you feel about the Redline proposal? Are you in favor or not?
3.) What concerns you the most as a resident?
4.) Have you thought about where you would relocate should you have to move?

City representative:
1.) Who made this decision to build the Redline system?
2.) What are the plans for this system to bring to the community?
3.) When was the plan to be put into effect?
4.) Why is the Redline needed for the city?
5.) How do you personally feel about the Redline and the inconvience it poses on the residents of Edmondson?

As far as additional details, I will see if there are any upcoming meetings or events, a website for detailed analysis or more officials who can provide further insight. I will make sure to retrieve contacts for further questions and information before I leave the event.

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jatwater said...

How did the meeting go? Did anyone show? Get some good information?