Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Drew Tewksbury Portfolio Assignment/Jared Silfies's backpack

Blog #2 9/3/08

In this blog assignment, I selected Drew Tewksbury, a Multimedia Journalist from Los Angeles, California. I surveyed his portfolio and flipped through his photographs to uncover the work he has conducted. The pictures contained images of wrestlers, circus performers, artists and entertainers. I primarily want to focus on the eighth picture as an example. The photo illustrates a wrestler or entertainer on a stage performing in front of an audience. This image as well as the others puzzled me, but I read on in the "About Drew" tab and read his opening line which says, "I am waging a full-frontal, no holds barred war against the boring" and his portfolio was far from boring. I believe the equipment he carries in his backpack include: a digital camera, cellphone, laptop, journal or tablet, palm pilot, Elements of Style book, camcorder, voice recorder and an array of writing utencils. I selected these items based on the images throughout his webpage and figured the various tasks could not be achieved without atleast a few of these items on hand. In order to venture through Drew's intriguing realm of discovery, you can see for yourself at:

In Jared Silfies's backpack, The Elements of Style Writing Manuel is probably the most important tool that a journalist can carry. Among the gadgets needed to develop a story this book not only carries a great deal of knowledge, but a great deal of respect within each page. If an editor were to see that Jared carries this book in his arsenal then he can be taken seriously as a credible journalist. Jared is proving that he wants to become a serious reporter by applying the structure techniques as a part of his daily news writing and with this book equipped in his backpack he has already laid the foundation for his success.

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