Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Twitter Chatter"

I have been introduced to the world of, an online channel of communication used by people like you and I to follow friends and checkout updates to their daily lives. Journalists too, have gone "twitter crazy" and use the site as a tool to uncovering news as it develops. My classmates and I were given the assignment of "twittering" three stories from the Towerlight and summerizing the story in a few short words. I have selected three of my classmates to use as examples to show how Twitter can be used as a news medium.

First, I chose Blake Savadow's twitter headline,"Towson is using single stream recycling to allow students to recycle any recyclable in any container." This headline is written in active voice by speaking in present tense and applying the "subject-verb-object method." The headline is concise and explains the story in a few words and characters that the reader can understand to the fullest. Blake answers the 5w's and how to the point where the reader has a general idea to the information being presented. You can checkout Blake's headlines and more at

The next headline comes from Amber Owens. Amber's headline reads,"The hiring freeze is due to budget cuts. At Towson, hiring freezes applies to all faculty and staff positions." In Amber's headline, she includes active voice in getting her story across with attention to the subject-verb-object model as well. Amber explains the story by incoporating the 5w's and how thoroughly without skipping a beat in a few short words. To learn more about Amber and see more headlines go to

Our third and final headline comes from Leah Martin. Leah's headline says, "Sean Schaefer's multiple turnovers played a huge roll in the Tigers loss 45-14." Leah uses active voice by delivering the main message off to the audience and giving the facts accordingly. Leah's headline fully covers every base of the story; displaying the main idea with the 5w's and how intact. Feel free to checkout Leah's headlines at

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jatwater said...

I like how thorough these entries are--good job!