Monday, October 13, 2008

TU student's attacker caught

Police make an arrest in the rape and kidnapping case of a 21-year-old Towson University student attacked on Oct. 6, officials say. Ian Alexander Murphy (24) of the 1000 block of Cedarcroft Road was charged with the attack. According to police, the victim was unloading groceries outside of a building around 1 a.m. in the 7900 block of Knollwood Road when Murphy forced the woman to the 7600 block of Knollwood, where he assulted her behind some bushes. Following the attack, the woman called police and was treated for her injuries at Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

When it came down to locating her attacker, this proves that people in the community can make a difference. According to the Baltimore Sun article "Man, 24, charged in rape of Towson U. student," the victim could not properly identify her attacker, however, Cpl. Michael Hill, spokesperson for county police department said the department received information and tips about Murphy from "concerned citizens" and obtained a warrant for his arrest.

From my perspective of not only being a college student but a Towson student, I feel that there are too many instances where college students are being assulted or approached by strangers looking to inflict harm. Every week, it appears that there is a new crime alert through e-mail warning students and faculty of an incident such as this one. I heard about this story in the news over the weekend and I heard from police that it was an african american male responsible for the attack. Lately, I've noticed in descriptions of suspects in the recent crime alerts that african american men have been responsible for the crime and it makes me feel upset because I don't want people to think that african american males can't be trusted or respectable men in society.

I honestly believe campus police should work more closely with county police on and off campus to show a hightened presence for the protection and safety of students. I feel its sad when students can't feel safe in their own community anymore. I understand that you can't stop every incident from happening, but at least show improvement in enforcement and patrol to help keep the number of cases down to a minimum.

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