Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Put a smile on your face and laugh your stress away

There are many times when we all deal with stress, but have no idea how to cope with it. Believe it or not, the answer lies within you; it's the explosive yawn that can sometimes leave you in tears. Give up? It's Laughter! Laughter is the best medicine to cure matters that constantly stress you out from day to day. According to the article, Stress Management-TOP 5 Ways to Bring Laughter Into Your Life, laughter brings people together, allows you to maintain a healthy perspective on life and it's simply contageous. Have ever been overwhelmingly stressed out about school, jobs, or relationships, but then all of sudden started laughing? After a few hours or so, you felt the weight on your shoulders seem a little lighter and you began to breathe again and reclaim your life. In the article by Michael Authur Moore, he explains 5 ways to brighten your days with laughter:

1.) The Media
2.) The Fun Friend Sydrome
3.) Look at the Bright Side
4.) The Internet
5.) New Experiences

The first method is the media. News broadcast such as the evening news focus on violence, war and the economy all of which are sad and depressing things, but you can add laughter into your life by going to see a comedy at the movies or renting a DVD of your favorite comedy. Secondly, the fun friend sydrome. Moore suggest that everyone should have a fun friend who makes an outing between the two of you entertaining and keeps the fun going nonstop. This person makes you laugh and keeps you wanting to be in their company. Third, looking at the bright side. If you find that something is stressing you out look for things that are worth laughing about. It may seem like simple advice, but the more you practice it the more less stressful a situation may appear. Fourth, surf the net. The internet contains a variety of websites, articles and pictures that make you laugh. You know what you enjoy better than anyone, so why not take some time for yourself and find what leaves you in stitches. Finally, explore new experiences. A chance to find something different than the ordinary is an exciting venture. Like the old saying says, you only have one life to live and it's too short to live it stressfully.

Once you've master these techniques, you'll be enjoying life a little less stressfully. There are destined to be harder days than others, but just know that stress is only temporary. Don't little things stop you from enjoying the one and only life you have.

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