Thursday, February 19, 2009

My feature Story Idea

My beat blog topic is college stress at Towson, so for my feature story, I want to do a "how to" story. My reasons for doing choosing this idea were mainly because I have yet to do this type of story and I feel it will present my story from a different perspective. So far, I've written about articles that I've found relating to stress and found a student here on Towson's campus whose taking us on a journey of her stressful life. Now, I want to retrieve findings from experts here on Towson's campus. I want to consult the Health Center on campus to see if I can find an expert who can shed some light on the subject with statistical findings, experience and advice. Then, I want to seek out yet another TU student who can provide tips for how they remain cool underpressure. I haven't quite worked out everything yet, but I feel that this is the direction I want to go. I believe this can be beneficial to students and maybe an escape from what seems like an impossible feat, known universally as STRESS!!!

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jatwater said...

Let's talk about this...I want you to think about more of a focus.