Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Day in the STRESSFUL life of Whitney Reid

Whitney Reid (center) shown enjoying a ride on the water in Panama City, Panama. Photo by Teresa Mora/January. 15, 2009

TU sophomore, Whitney Reid wishes she had time to relax, but her constant busy schedule keeps her running from sun up to sun down. From classes to meetings to a social life, Reid endures it all.

Meet Whitney Reid, a sophomore at Towson University who faces everyday demands equipped with stress along side. Reid is a biology and spanish double major with aspirations of becoming a doctor in her native state of Delaware. As a college student, Whitney fully understands what it means to be under pressure from day-to-day chores such as classes, meetings, homework, clubs, councils and organizations. Reid's day begins at 8am and ends around 9pm everyday with classes including: biology, chemistry, spanish and math. "I try to manage my time effectively by prioritizing my day to be as smooth as possible," Reid said.

Talk about a full plate, while juggling classes, she also tries to maintain a social life with her friends and relationship with her boyfriend. "My boyfriend understands my schedule and is very supportive of me as well as my friends," Reid said. After her classes are done for the day, Reid serves on the building council for Tower C of the Glen Complex as treasurer. The meetings usually last from 6 to 8:30pm every Tuesday, where Reid and other council representatives make progress reports on the standings of committee business.

The stress Reid endures may seem immeasurable, but she manages as we all must do until the work gets done. "My favorite part of the day is to come back to my dorm and hop in my bed, until tomorrow when it all begins again," said Reid. This goes to show that tackling several tasks throughout the day can be stressful, but not impossible. After college, Reid plans to attend graduate school followed by medical school soon after.
Suddenly, my schedule doesn't seem quite as bad when compared to Whitney. I follow my daily routine day-to-day and somehow find time to get everything done before beginning again the next day. I am involved on campus, but maybe not as much as Whitney may be and not as bold to tackle biology, chemistry, spanish and math in one semester. I have much respect for Whitney and appreciate the work that she places upon herself. Whitney demonstrates the attitude of perseverance and strives in all of her endeavors. Despite her stressful encounters, she makes it out on top.

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