Monday, November 17, 2008

Students for Environmental Awareness

For my second multimedia story, I plan to attend a meeting conducted by the Students for Environmental Awareness. This program is affiliated with the SGA, whose misson is to spread the word about awareness on campus and throughout the community here at Towson. The group conducts clean-ups, schedule events, show informative movies and invite speakers to spread the message of "Going Green." While attending the event, I plan to interview President Schyler Nunziata, Vice President Anne Wilcox and Secretary Rebbeca Zeroth and record commentary of the interview and get incite into what the organization is all about. Meetings take place every Monday in the University Union Room 308.

Potential Questions include:
1). What is the objective of the organization?
2). Who created the organization?
3). How important is the "going green" initiative? What does it mean to you?
4). Do you feel your efforts have been successful?
5.) How big is the threat of global warming?
6.) Do you have any events coming up?

Photo Possibilities include:
1). A shot of the meeting in session
2). Guest speakers that may be present and action on the floor.
3). A shot of the audience is another possibility.
4). Any plant life, logo, picture or diagram is another possibility.
5). Students or committee leaders engrossed in conversation.
6). A photo of the actual interviews taking place.

Audio possibilities include:
1). A great quote from the interviewee or dialogue from the meeting.
2). A sample audio clip featuring a response to one of my questions.
3). Sound of emotion or uproar during the meeting.

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