Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Audio we can believe in.

The story that I feel makes a good use of audio is located on the New York Times webpage. The name of this slideshow is entitled, "Singing for Freedom." In this presentation by journalist Kevin Sack, he brings to life the history of the civil rights movement and compares it to the african american vote for now President-Elect Barack Obama. What was already declared as an historic election, Sack's usage of pictures, song selection and voiceovers give vivid imagery to what this election truly means for "change" in America. After listening to the slideshow, I thought that Kevin did an outstanding job in creating this project and portrayed the struggle of african americans throughout american history. There was a lot of emotion that filled the slideshow and with every aspect performing together, it made each transition smooth. You can see "Singing for Freedom" on the New York Times website at:

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